Self-esteem is not…

self esteemBuilding self-esteem is NOT about creating false expectations that the world will be easy.

It IS about showing kids that they have talents and can please people.

Building self-esteem is NOT about cultivating self-centered kids who expect the world to bow to them.

It IS about healing children’s hearts that have been broken by broken families.

Self-esteem is NOT about deluded them about competition and making them think they will win without effort, discipline and vision.

It IS about fostering effort, discipline and vision in people who have none.

Self-esteem is NOT about flattery or false praise.

It IS about finding positives in a world accustomed to negatives.

I’m a believer in self-esteem building. My close friend came from a very broken home. I can’t print the words he used to describe his parents. He had an old school teacher who ran his classroom like a dictatorship. As much of a jerk as he was, the teacher left my friend with a golden nugget. At the end of the semester he said. “It’s too bad you waste so much talent.”

My friend’s take-away? For the first time in his life, he got the notion that he was good at something. He possessed “so much talent.”

This prompted him to try to get into an advanced writing class, to which he was admitted. Ultimately he went to college, the first in his extended family to do so.

That is what self-esteem building is about.


Class becomes interesting only with passionate teaching

passionate teachingTeaching should never be “just a job.” If you don’t teach with passion, your class won’t be interesting.

Today now more than ever, it’s hard to get their attention. But if you are humming with enthusiasm for your material, your students will pick up on that.

I remember my geometry teacher in high school when he said, “Geometry is god.”

I don’t agree. But the point is he was passionate about teaching the subject. Luckily, you don’t have to idolize your topics. But you can’t teach without off-the-charts excitement.

It’s hard to compete with Instagram. They’ve got their face in Facebook. It’s hard to get their face in the book you are teaching.

Your only hope is your passion.