Being a likeable teacher helps kids learn

Likeable teachers help kids learnEducation is NOT just about picking up a book and reading it – if you like the book, you learn things. But education has to be right for a person; it’s an extremely personal thing: we like certain people for certain reasons and don’t like certain people for different reasons.

The same could be said about the classroom where a child finds himself. It is all about how the kid perceives the teacher and how she perceives him. If he is in a classroom where he likes the teacher and she likes him, then possibly he will listen and learn from her.

If, however, the teacher is the type who compares one of her students with another student and hurts the feelings of one (the one who was on the unfavorable end of a comparison) then the classroom/teacher isn’t working well because not only the feelings of one kid were turned off toward the teacher/learning what she had to say, but so were the feelings of all the kids who liked the kid who got so ill-compared.

It’s amazing how much psychology interplays with actual learning. We should never dismiss the adage that teachers are like second parents. Love plays a role in learning.