Education: What hasn’t changed in 20 years

ImageTwenty years ago I taught. Now I’m teaching again. And, man, things have changed!

It used to be that students had to respect the teacher. Now it is the teacher that has to respect the students.

What hasn’t changed though is the love you give the kids. If you’re not teaching because of love, you’re in the wrong profession. After all, it is a people profession.

Love makes the difference. It goes the extra mile. It helps that student who’s lagging behind. It spend more time planning lessons, grading homework. It gives of itself unselfishly. Love never fails.

Maybe it’s good that we teachers have to respect the kids now. At least, teacher abuse will be on the decline.

Somethings change radically. Others never change. If you love kids, if you love learning, there will always be a space for you to teach.