Infighting leads to losing

Captured by, Ghana defender John Boye kisses the cash he receives.

Captured by, this image shows Ghana defender John Boye kissing the cash he receives.

The U.S. was lifted out of the Group Stage by Ghana’s loss to Portugal June 26, which calculated the right FIFA math for Clint Dempsey and crew to advance.

And Ghana’s loss was brought about by infighting. It was the scenes behind the scenes that determined failure for Ghana. What went wrong for Ghana at the World Cup?

  • The players nearly boycotted the game, demanding $3 million in payment. Ghana president flew the money to them in emergency fashion.
  • Towering superstar Sulley Muntari physically attacked Ghana officials and was kicked out of the game. His absence was felt.
  • Talented Kevin-Prince Boateng insulted the Ghana coach and also was suspended. On the field, he’s a difference maker. Off the field, he was prevented from helping his team.

With key players suspended or injured, Portugal was a decimated team. It should have been an easy win. If Ghana would have won, they would have advanced, and the U.S. would have flown home.

Maybe you are right to be disgruntled. Administration is obstructing teaching. Parents are throwing stones. But don’t let the brouhaha distract from teaching. Don’t sacrifice class quality because of interference.

The news about Ghana’s turmoil has been almost completely overlooked because people are only interested in goals. But the goals were lacking due to the infighting. Don’t allow politics and personality clashes play out in student suffering. Don’t let the lack of money affect your teaching energy.



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