Appalling lack of interest

um yeahThere are these Chinese students who are coming to the U.S. and enrolling in a private school. They are brilliant kids, top in their nation. They are paying high dollar to learn English by immersion. But the private school won’t cut them any slack. The teachers won’t give them a grace period, comprehend their on a learning curve, or even give them any extra help. Nope, just throw them into the shark tank and see if they can survive.

What idiots! Never mind that the Chinese kids are saving your school from going bankrupt. The criminal unhelpfulness displays a teaching system that is completely corrosive.

We are teacher! We are supposed to help students! Whatever level they come, we should help them attain higher levels, as high as they can go! We cannot just mechanically dictate according to the syllabus and be completely out of touch of the realities of our students. Such unconcernedness reveals a teaching system that has drifted from its moorings. Such teachers have no principles.

Send me your struggling students! I will teach them. Because this is more than just a paycheck. This is human lives being changed forever. If you don’t understand that, find a new job.

If you don’t care anymore, please do us all a favor and quit.


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