Travel as education

travelandeducationNowadays, students travel to China during their summer vacations. You can learn so much from travel. It broadens your horizons. You get wisdom from seeing how people live. You learn language. You get culture. I wish I could assign my students the summer homework of visiting another country.

I’m not talking about being isolated from a local population in a resort hotel. There maybe you learn nothing.  You have to hang out with the natives and observe them to learn. The U.S.’s way of doing things is not the only formula of success. In some cases, it’s a formula for failure. But as long as you wall yourself in, you’ll never know what lies beyond.

I didn’t always know this. When I went to college, I thought that good grades at a good university were my ticket to success. The traditional route, however, deprives students of so much richness.

Hopefully, this summer you have the chance to get out and about and learn something new, something you never would have learned otherwise. And hopefully, this becomes a key to success in your life.

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