Spain’s World Cup loss and compassion in teaching

teacherSpain’s been dethroned, but we have yet to see who will assume command of the world soccer stage. I’m glad with teaching you can always seek to improve, every year.

Holland strafed the former World Cup champions mercilessly, winning 5-1. The victory was only a qualifying match so Spain’s not completely out year, but it signified an end of a cycle.  Soccer has a very short peak in which youthful quickness matches growing experience. Usually the perfect combination of experience and speed lasts only a few years. Looks like those years are over for Spain.

But with teaching, I can look forward to my best years. I can evaluate successes and failures. I can reassess and readjust. What worked splendidly 20 years ago may fail utterly today. I’m definitely leaning with those who emphasize quality over quantity, university-readiness over global knowledge. The Internet has disrupted education like the printing press upended Medieval copyists.

Whereas in soccer, velocity is crucial, in teaching compassion reigns supreme. If we don’t care for our students any more, then we are has-beens. We may have tenure, but we will no longer be effective. We will fail our communities. Let us blame the new generation of ADD, the politicians for short-funding, disintegrated families. We can paint the world of blame, but if we don’t have a true interest in the well-being of our students, it is US who are failing the educational system.


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