Beyond graduation and motivation

educationHer mom didn’t even hardly speak English. Dad was gone. So what was to motivate her to excel at school?

Eventually, friends and teachers broke through her apathy. Continually reminding her to think of her future, they got her to think. Steadily, her grades and her work habits have improved. Now she has post-graduation plans. She’s working for a future of success.

Not every kid automatically strives for success. A lot come to class unmotivated, disgusted by the pell-mell at home, on the surface rebellious. Teachers must spend time motivating, helping students to understand that misery and poverty awaits them if they don’t get their act together.

I try to tell students that they will either work with the strength of their back or the strength of their brain.

For me, it actually causes me pain to see kids making bad decisions. But I know no more exquisite joy to see kids turn around. The young lady described anonymously at the beginning of this article is the latest. I’m happy I played a (small) part in helping her on to success.

That is a thrill of teaching.


6 thoughts on “Beyond graduation and motivation

  1. I understand this completely. My niece is a intelligent young lady but through her younger years she had a lot of turmoil at home. Finally last year she has realized her ability and has a bright future ahead if she can come to grips with herself. She came from failing grades to now a B avg student and is still striving for more. I have been giving her “tough love” the last year and a half and I know she probably hates me at times but I know she will succeed because someone was there when she needed it.


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