Education is for everybody

no racism in education

No racism in school. Source: Pinterest

As teachers we cannot favor those who enjoy the advantages of a united family and plenty of resources to give a strong context of support to education. We must work to help the disadvantaged.

It burns me to hear people with a “it’s your own fault” mentality. The poor and minority students are not playing on a level field. It is the job to educators to encourage and open the doors of education to them. We must show them that they can make it, even if they have more ground to cover than rich and white students.

A wash-your-hands policy is tantamount to racism. We are excluding people from the American Dream. Of course, it is much more subtle than the old “separate but equal” maxim of the South of years gone by.

The teacher plays a pivotal roll in helping those who may not have gotten much help at home.


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