Violence against the teacher

violence against teachersA friend of mine, a good teacher, quit when a student threw a desk at him. The principal, feeling powerless in a system that insanely favors “rights” over responsibilities, refused to discipline the student.

And so the educational system lost another splendid, dynamic teacher. Will the pendulum swing back?

My friend felt his life was in jeopardy. He now runs a business. Who took over the public post in his stead? Maybe it was somebody who didn’t buzz with passion to foster the scientific spirit. Maybe it was somebody who was just clocking hours for a decent pay check. Maybe it was somebody willing to endure threats to his well-being for the state-financed benefits.

Another good teacher leaves, another bad teacher takes his place.


2 thoughts on “Violence against the teacher

  1. Such a shame that a person should feel threatened enough to leave a post that they love and have passion for. Passion leads to creativity and enjoyment, this is something a national qualification can’t instil. If we want a brighter future for our students then more should be done to protect the people who have the drive and determination for the job.

    I too know a couple of teachers who are now working elsewhere because either the dynamics of the job role has changed too much (academies) or they suffer some form of work place abuse. The government are exhausting all avenues to improve the standard of teaching and learning in this country, maybe they should look after the people who care about it most first.


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