The $6 million student

value of studentThe kids couldn’t believe we didn’t sell the school building and just close the school. The real estate agent said it would fetch $6 million. Keeping the small private school open couldn’t possibly be worth so much money, they marveled.

Then I started class. “Each and every one of you kids is individually worth more than $6 million,” I told them. That seemed to score points with the usually cantankerous kids. But it’s much more; it’s a reality.

We have to teach truly believing that those students are the most important thing around. Then we’ll have successful and vibrant education.


6 thoughts on “The $6 million student

  1. Hi,

    I couldn’t find a suitable place to show my appreciation for your like of my recent post on naturestimeline, so I’ve popped it in here.

    All the best.



  2. I taught in a private school for five years, and I recall moments when we feared drastic decisions would come down to dollars and cents. You articulately state a more meaningful approach to estimating the true value of things.


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