Individual learning needed

individual learning neededOf course the real problem with education won’t be solved by endless standardization, which attempts to address another problem of kids falling behind and teachers passing students who aren’t up to snuff.

Whether it’s called “common core” or “bomb bore,” centralization of a standard curriculum excludes individual needs. Let’s say you have a fifth grader coming into your class who can’t read. The logical thing would be for you to take the time to teach him to read. Meet him at his level. Don’t expect him to deliver at level that is way above him. Make him progress to achieve his maximum potential. That’s what teaching is all about.

But politicians get involved trying to “fix” education. Our kids are coming out poorly according to international tests. So we need to set basic minimums of performance. Upon graduation, a student should be able to find x and y in algebra and know what Pearl Harbor is. Unfortunately, he can only find the best vines and knows what Hulu is.

So in theory, we agree that a student must know a certain amount of material upon graduation. BUT, the standardization of the curriculum works against the myriad problem students. They are excluded from education because they don’t fit it. And you as a teacher, are pretty much not allowed to meet a student as his level because your curriculum is foisted on you. You can take care of individual needs. You have follow the recipe established by politicians who don’t know how to cook.


4 thoughts on “Individual learning needed

  1. Which is why teachers are leaving in droves. After almost 25 years in public education, I left this year and am homeschooling my own child. Public education must implode and every teacher who stays is keeping it going on longer.


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