Don’t downgrade learning

inspiring studentsI can’t tell you how many times people have told me to lower my expectations. They tell me to teach according to the children’s level. I ignore them. As long as the kids are learning, I thrill at my job.

I have seen 6th graders learn grammar and syntax and beat high schoolers on a test. When kids are challenged, all of sudden, the electronic device stops distracting. I guess kids thrill at learning. Students like to learn.

You shouldn’t lower your expectations. You should adjust your teaching to the level of the kids but always aim high. The only time you come down is the starting point. You can’t expect a kid to have learned already. You start where the kid is at, not where he is supposed to be at. From there on out, the plane can take off.

When students feel the satisfaction of learning, the momentum builds. Kids who never thought they could go to college, wind up doing so. Don’t downgrade learning.


One thought on “Don’t downgrade learning

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