It’s Not About the Money

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I’m sitting across the table from my Grandma in Kansas City, Missouri. The humid sun is shining through her large window that overlooks the creek in her backyard. I’m currently working on a research paper for one of my education classes. I do not get far into my homework until I read to my grandma the first of many shocking sentences in the article. “Tuition is $14,300 a year for half a day.” I tell my Grandma, who has macular degeneration, and would never be able to read the article, that the tuition of the preschool I am reading about is nearly $15,000 dollars, and that is for half a day! For a woman of 86 years old, and who can stretch a dollar out as far as Mexico, this nearly causes her to have a heart attack. I ask her what is wrong with this society. She says that…

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