Class becomes interesting only with passionate teaching

passionate teachingTeaching should never be “just a job.” If you don’t teach with passion, your class won’t be interesting.

Today now more than ever, it’s hard to get their attention. But if you are humming with enthusiasm for your material, your students will pick up on that.

I remember my geometry teacher in high school when he said, “Geometry is god.”

I don’t agree. But the point is he was passionate about teaching the subject. Luckily, you don’t have to idolize your topics. But you can’t teach without off-the-charts excitement.

It’s hard to compete with Instagram. They’ve got their face in Facebook. It’s hard to get their face in the book you are teaching.

Your only hope is your passion.


7 thoughts on “Class becomes interesting only with passionate teaching

  1. It helps if they deposit all the devices in a box at the beginning of class. They’ll learn to live without them for one class period. Then, you captivate them with your passion for the subject and keep them busy from bell to bell with a combination of lecture, discussion, activities,and feedback. I found that when I made the book more of a play, casting the characters from the class, and reading the book aloud together, it helped to focus their interest. Fill your bag with a lot of tricks and then have fun.


  2. thanks for the following, and this article “Class becomes interesting only with passionate teaching” has many true meanings! The passage says exactly that, love what you do and your knowledge reflects with positive results.


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